Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

Having a clean carpet is extremely vital. This is particularly true if you’ve got kids. It’s also necessary if you or your family member has a respiratory issue since carpets accumulate a lot of dust over time. When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are several methods to choose from. 

Before you hire a carpet cleaning Terre Haute company, it’s best that you know some of these methods. 

Absorbent Pad Cleaning 

This is also known as bonnet cleaning. This technique of carpet cleaning is typically used for regular light maintenance. However, you can also use it for regular carpet cleaning.  

A chemical solution is applied onto it with the help of a hand pump or an electric sprayer when the carpet is vacuumed. This solution is enabled to soak into the carpet for a particular period.  

Then, the carpet cleaner will use a rotary floor machine with an attached absorbent pad. The spinning will help saturate the carpet fibers with the solution. This will get rid of the dirt that will be absorbed later.  

This cheap technique is also fast and easy. It can offer you excellent results with carpets that are soiled lightly.  

However, perhaps you want more of a deep clean if you are hiring a professional carpet cleaner.  

Wet Carpet Cleaning or Steam Cleaning 

This is perhaps one of the most popular carpet cleaning methods.  

First, the carpet is pre-conditioned using a particular chemical. This will transform oil-based particles into liquid. Then, the carpet cleaner will heat the water, pressurize it, and inject it into the carpet. The liquid gets vacuumed up after several minutes.  

One of the benefits of the wet carpet cleaning method is getting rid of the soil from the carpet.  

  • It enables for an extended time for the cleaning solvents to react. 
  • It enables the use of high chemical concentrates, temperatures, and pressures.  
  • It enables chemical reactivity with agitation. 

However, there are drawbacks to this method.  

  • Usually, it will require access to the driveway for the truck-mounted equipment, together with the long hoses.  
  • The service can be costly because effective and efficient steam cleaning needs a unique tool. 
  • You’ll have to wait for a long period for your carpet to dry. However, with knowledgeable technicians and the right tools, this can be lowered.  

Green Carpet Cleaning vs. Regular Carpet Cleaning 

Do you ever consider the environmental factor of carpet cleaning? Traditional cleaning methods are by far the cheapest and most popular. However, you are compromising something with it.  

Nowadays, eco-friendly, sustainable, and green cleaners produce effective result. In addition to that, they are a lot better for your pets and family since it only utilizes natural and biodegradable ingredients. You do not have to worry if your kids love to crawl on the carpet.  

There are now a lot of eco-friendly carpet cleaning professionals since the trend in eco-friendly and natural solutions are continuously rising. Thus, if you are planning to hire a carpet cleaning professional, you have to ensure that they’re using eco-friendly and natural solutions for your carpet