Your dumpster rental will perhaps not be on your property for a long period. However, it can become the main attraction for pests of all sizes and types even in that short time span. From large bears to small crawling maggots, you do not want your dumpster rental to be anything other than a place for your junk.  

Today, we are going to share some tips on how to prevent pests from entering your dumpster rental  

Utilize Repellents 

You should try utilizing repellents if you really have to get rid of the waste that you know would attract pests and you aren’t able to secure the line. A solution of water and ammonia has been known to keep away pests. Unfortunately, you have to be careful of any close landscaping that may be damaged by the ammonia.  

If rabbits, skunks, and squirrels are a particular issue in your area, you can buy coyote or fox urine and put it around the dumpster’s perimeter to keep away those pests. Coyotes and fox prey on these tiny critters. These pests will feel threatened when they smell the urine. They will leave right away. You will have to reapply the repellent whenever it rains.  

Clean it Up 

You’ve got to ensure that if your unit is delivered, it should be clean. Clean the dumpster every time you use it if you are making several trips to the landfill. This will guarantee that any accumulation of waste that can attract pests is removed and you can keep your area free of foul smells and unwanted pests. 

Cover the Dumpster 

Though bigger pests, such as raccoons and bears, can find their way into a closed container, tiny ones won’t be as successful. If you are in a place where these bigger pests are present, you should rent a dumpster that has a lid that you can lock.  

Keep in mind that raccoons are known to chew through the straps if you are planning to tie down the lids. This will help them gain access to your dumpster. Thus, it’s best to have a lock in the lid.  

Place the Dumpster on Concrete 

If you put the dumpster on mulch or grass, you are basically inviting rodents and insects to nest under the dumpster. Because of this, you should always put it on a concrete surface. In addition to that, there is a small risk of leakage to the ground water if you place the dumpster on a concrete surface and something leak out of it.  

Don’t Throw Food Waste 

You should always be wary of what you place inside the dumpster if you do not want to attract pests. You should not place food items into it. The reason for this is that the food will rot and will emit foul odors in the area. When this happens, flies will be attracted to the dumpster. Of course, when flies are infesting your dumpster, it will be filled with maggots later on. That’s why it is best to avoid food in your dumpster.