Burkina Faso

VSO volunteers in Burkina Faso are working in the programme areas of participation and governance and health.

Participation and governance

Burkina Faso has been in a process of complete decentralisation since 2006 and today has 302 rural communities and 49 urban communities.

VSO Burkina sees the current process of complete decentralisation as an opportunity to better involve local people in decision-making and to facilitate access to rights and justice for the poor and women in particular.

Three key skills have been identified to strengthen the capacity of municipalities including:

  • communication 

  • organisational governance

  • planning and monitoring evaluation.

As well as giving capacity building support to municipalities and state structures, we plan to work alongside civil society organisations by making available their expertise in project management, funding research and advocacy for access to basic social services.

We work alongside partners to raise awareness of the roles and challenges related to participation and governance. This currently includes promoting cooperation between government and civil society to create constructive social and political dialogue.


Here are some statistics related to mortality:

  • infant mortality: 104 per 1,000 live births (UNDP report, 2009)

  • child mortality (under the age of five): 191 per 1,000 (UNICEF, 2009)

These figures, along with the 'feminisation' of the AIDS pandemic show the alarming health situation in Burkina Faso. In response to this situation the Ministry of Health established a National Programme of Health Development.

VSO intends to support the programme by placing skilled volunteers (doctors, nurses, counsellors, trainers, and pharmacists) in health facilities, teaching hospitals and medical centres.

We will also place volunteers trained in data management, communications, project management, fundraising and advocacy work. Our volunteers will work with local non-governmental organisations, associations and government authorities.

Working with our partners, we aim to promote the rights of poor and marginalised groups, particularly women, children under five years and people living with HIV and AIDS, to get fair and equal access to health services.

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17 million
Capital city:
GDP per capita:
HDI ranking:
181 out of 187
Life expectancy:
55 years

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